Single Needle Soft Touch Felting Needle Holder

Single Needle Soft Touch Felting Needle Holder

Easy on your fingers, our squishy soft touch single needle felting needle holder is perfect for both beginners and experienced felters.

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Needle felting a fun and incredibly time consuming craft. Before you know it, an hour has passed and you're just noticing your stiff fingers. While sturdy and strong enough to hold one felting needle securely, the handle of the pen has a squishy feel to it making it comfortable to hold.  This 3 D printed one needle felting pen was designed and made in Australia by a business who specialise in reborn dolls. We couldn't find anything like in in NZ, so just had to bring them over to sell here. 

One felting needle is included with your squishy needle felting pen! Additional felting needles are available for purchase.

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