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One Red Sheep® began with a love of New Zealand wool! Hi, I'm Jackie, the owner of One Red Sheep®. Based just out of New Plymouth underneath the stunning Mt Taranaki, I've made it my mission to share my love of wool crafts with everyone!

While I've always dreamt about owning a farm and having my own flock, I haven't yet achieved this. Instead, I purchased a spinning wheel from TradeMe and began to learn how to spin. Having amassed a hug pile of hand spun yarn, I looked for other craft ideas to use it for. I entered the world of weaving with a purchase of a rigid heddle loom and began to teach myself how to weave.

And, yes, ended up with lots of large handwoven bits and pieces around the home. It got me thinking, what about using a smaller loom; one that I could use while sitting on the sofa or take on a car trip. The problem was, there just isn't the availability of little looms in NZ to buy. So, we started making them ourselves.

After joining Creative Fibre, a wonderful NZ community of fibre lovers like myself, I discovered needle felting and wet felting too! And wouldn't you know it, but there just wasn't original and exciting needing felting kits available for either 3D felting or 2D wool painting. So, we started designing and creating the DIY kits too!

But Why 'One Red Sheep®?'

One Red Sheep® is unique, there's no one in the world like her. She gets noticed because she is different; some days it is a conscious choice to be seen, while on others, it just happens. As crafters, doing what you love is key, regardless of what others think. You craft because you love how it makes you feel and what you can achieve. 

One Red Sheep® was created to represent us all, no matter what we look like, where we live and what crafts we like to do. She's all of us.