Do or Donut Keyring Kit

Do or Donut Keyring Kit

Time for some tasty fun with our donut keyring needle felting kit! Make two of your own needle felted donuts, attach to the included keyring pieces and keep your keys safe and tasty - opps, we meant safe and sound.
NZ$ 20.00

Inside your Do or Donut Keyring Needle Felting Kit, you will find:

  • 2 felting needles
  • 1 NZ made woollen felting pad, measuring 15cm by 15cm
  • Coloured carded NZ Merino and Corriedale fibre to needle felt
  • 2 keyring attachments
  • Detailed step by step instructions and photos

We know you won't want to stop at just two donuts - so we've included extra Merino and Corriedale fibre for you to make even more, or something completely different. Needle felting is an amazing craft and once you get started, it's almost impossible to stop. Have fun!

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