Under the Sea Mermaid Wool Painting

One of the great things about needle felting, is that you are not limited by either your imagination or skill. As a relatively new needle felter, I made the decision to enter an example of my work in the 2022 Taranaki Creative Fibre  gallery event held in Stratford. 

How I Made My 2D Wool Painting

First I needed to come up with an idea. I had been playing around with a mermaid 3D shape made with a wire inner, but it wasn't exciting me. So I thought I would change and do a 2D wool painting instead.

By wet felting I was able to make a piece of felt around the size of an A4 piece of paper. As this was the background of my piece, I made it in two tones of blue. While this was drying over a few days, I drew on paper some ideas for what the mermaid would look like. I then proceded to needle felt this shape directly onto the background. I added tiny hand felted scales to her tail and some seaweed underneath her.

It's a beginner piece, but you know, I am really happy with it. 

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